Chris May
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Above the Crowd!

Meet Tiffany, our personal technical support specialist. Tiffany brings years of interpersonal skills to our team including a marketing background and as an administrative assistant. Her knowledge and experience in these areas combined with her computer abilities enable her to provide superb technical marketing that is unsurpassed in our Real Estate community. Tiffany's major focus is to keep your wants and needs at the forefront of ourselves and other Realtors® throughout our area as well as the general public.   What most agents do is try to be all things to all people.   What I’ve learned in this world of specialization is that when agents try to be all things to all people, their clients don’t get the level of specialized service that they deserve.    I want you to have the most superb marketing edge available today.   This will give me more time to devote to marketing your home and working with buyers to find them their special home.